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Buddha, why don’t you help me? ----Short story but moralizing myriads!

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Buddha, why don’t you help me? ----Short story but moralizingmyriads!
There was one temple in SouthMountain, which consecrated a Buddha inside. A legend had been going that theBuddha was very efficacious to help all the disciples fulfill their dreams onlywhen they prayed sincerely.
One disciple heard about this, inorder to show his extreme sincerity, he decided to carry fruits, steamed bunsand so on as offerings by himself step by step until the top of the SouthMountain. All he prepared was for praying his dream to the Buddha on Buddha’sbirthday.     
He climbed across one mountain byanother without even a stop. So as to show his respectful heart to the Buddha, hedared not lay down the offerings for a second rest even being with sweatstreaming down his back.
After suffering innumerable trialsand hardships, he finally arrived the temple.
Then, he reverently serve his offeringson the altar, kneed on the ground, put his palms together devoutly and began topray to the Buddha, “My efficacious Buddha, I have been taking exams to getscholarly honor for already ten years, but failed each time. Here, I pray mywish with every faithful bit of my heart, please let it come true by yourboundless supernatural power for my sincere sake. ”
After finishing his prayer, he clearedaway all the offerings then back home.
By leaving not very far from thetemple, he saw a beggar stretching out his hands and begging to him, “Mygenerous donor, I have been suffering hunger for three days, please, just giveme a little to eat.”
The disciple was fed up with thebeggar’s dirty, waved his hands and said, “go away! Be careful, don’t let yourtattered clothing dirty my offerings that I must bring back for my wife andchildren only. ”
The beggar kowtowed to him continuallyand begged, “My decent generous donor, I’m starved, please, even only a verylittle of food can save me, oh, please! ”
Being scared of robbing by thebeggar, he hastened to carry the offerings on his shoulders, and run quickly downthe mountain, left the poor weak beggar crouching his body and hunkering on theroadside of the mountain with his only tattered carpet.   
It turned to the deep darkgradually, and became more and more cold outside, the beggar wreathed his tremblingbody tightly with his ragged carpet.   
Suddenly a small crippled strayeddog came out, limped slowly to the beggar, drilling its body to a corner of hiscarpet, leaned beside him closely in order to get warm.
The beggar saw the dirty dog nextto him, kicked it angrily, and shouted, “Get out! Look, your whole filthy body!Don’t let it dirty my carpet which is for my use only. ”
The strayed dog suffered the painand run away with tears which was frozen to death at that night near to thegate of the temple.
The next day, the beggar didn’tdie from the cold owing to his carpet but, died for lack of food.
Half a year was gone, the devoutdisciple failed again for his scholarly honor.
He furiously run up to the SouthMountain, and grumbled to the Buddha, “You, completely a liar! Say what your supernaturalpower is? Why can’t you help me even just pass a simple exam!”
The Buddha fetched out the honorlist, asked the disciple, “Why should I help you?”
The disciple answered, “I carriedall the offerings and climbed up to the mountain by myself without even a stop soas to consecrate you before your birthday. For such kind of faith of mine, youought to!”
At that moment, the Buddha calleddown the spirit of the beggar by his supernatural power. The beggar whinedloudly to the disciple, “I only begged you for a little to eat but you refused.Why should the Buddha help such kind of person who do not give any alms tothose in need. Well, my respectful Buddha, how can you be so cruel that wouldrather let me starve to death nor granting me even a little to eat. Don’t youhave even a bit of mercy? ”
  这时, 佛祖用法力招来乞丐的灵魂,乞丐的灵魂向信徒大声哀嚎,说:我只求你给我一点吃的,让我填饱肚子,你都不肯,连这一点施舍之心都没有,佛祖为什么要帮助你?不过佛祖呀!你也真是残忍,宁可眼睁睁的看着我饿死,也不肯赐一点东西给我吃,难道你没有一点怜悯之心吗?”
The Buddha called down again thespirit of the strayed dog which was barking loudly to the beggar, “I only beggedyou for sharing a little warm by your carpet which causes you nothing in loss,but you refused. Why should the disciple help you, and so did the Buddha? ”
In the end, the Buddha said to boththe disciple and the beggar, “You listen, just like lifting a finger of mine, it’seasy for me to satisfy every need of you both! But, you grudge even a little toshare when you are easily able to! Then how can you get help by others when youare in need? Remember, every good result comes out from each good thought ofour mind!”


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