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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: Everyone should learn to the Buddha

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UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: Everyone should learn to the Buddha
The UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is a devout Buddhist, his mother was converted to Buddhism for 50 years at Shengde Temple in Zhong-state of South Korea, and his father’s memorial tablets are also enshrined in the temple, Mrs. Ban Ki-moon often goes to Jogyesa Temple to do some liturgy and ceremony practice. Ban said that his mother goes to the temple to pray every day in her lifetime. I have been influenced by my mother, since childhood exposure to the Buddhism, and then learn the truth of good turn deserves another. Ban said he was inspired by the teachings of Buddha since he was a kid. Righteous thoughts, compassion and peaceful were the values which guiding him went through the early days, were an important force to motivate himself into his career in public sector. He felt grateful about Buddha's teachings. Besides, he appealed people to learn Buddha’s mercy and wisdom on several occasions.
Buddha's words is of great significance in the era of riots
   In one speech to celebrate Vesak Day in 2008, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that, the Buddha’s eternal words about the peace, compassion and love of all beings, inspiring us to strive to deal with the more extensive challenges, which is in peace, security, development and environmental protection that our world has encountered today.
   "In these aspects, we must overcome the narrow self-interest, everyone thinks and acts as a member of the global community, this is the way of the enlightenment, and the foundation to build a suitable better world of all living beings’ surviving." He said.
Buddha's words can make the world more peaceful.
To celebrate the Vesak , UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon pointed out that the Buddha's words can make the world more peaceful in his speech on the international society in 2009.
  "All of us should learn the spirit of the Buddha's great compassion, his eternal word can help us navigate many global problems which we are facing today." Ban said in his report.
  "The need for global solidarity may seems like a modern concept, in fact, it’s not. 2500 years ago Buddha taught us that nothing can exist independently, all phenomena are interdependent, deeply, he also teaches us that, not to suffer others for fun. Only when we stretched out us hands to help others, we can get improvement for ourselves." he added.
  In the iconic report of Vesak, he also urged everyone strongly that we must help those painful people, so that all people could obtain a better future.
Buddhist doctrine helps us deal with today's challenges
  On May 24, 2013, "Vesak Day", Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon of   published his speech and pointed out that, the Vesak Day is both a festival of  Buddhist all over the world, but also let all members of the international community has the opportunity to benefit from their wealth religious traditions. In Vesak Day this year, the country conflict everywhere, and causing great suffering, people are available to take this opportunity to reflect on how to deal with the current challenges under the guidance of Buddhist teachings.
   He pointed out that the Buddha was a prince when he was young, while he left the comfortable palace, and discovered the existence of birth, disease, old and death, that four kinds of suffering in the world, although the sufferings are inevitable in reality, but Buddhism teaches people how to deal with. In history, the great transformation power from Buddhist philosophy are always stunning.
   Ban Ki-moon talk about the India legendary figures Ashoka as an example and pointed out that, Ashoka was a tough conquistador of India after Buddha passed away three centuries, but ultimately converted to Buddhism, abandoned the violence and embrace the peace. He advocated the values of human rights, democratic governance, respecting the dignity of life. These are the common values to all the great religions. After years of brutal wars, Ashoka was able to promote these values, demonstrating that personal goodwill can end the widespread suffering.
Ban Ki-moon said that the present era unprecedented need the peace and promote the spirit of non-violence, to eliminate the conflict. He expressed his sincere hope that people can be spirit of lofty ideal, and determined to make the world to be better.  
Buddhist doctrines provided a steady stream of inspiration and enlightenment to the United Nations
   UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent a congratulatory letter for the opening of the World Third Buddhist Conference in Hong Kong on April 26, 2012.
   In the message Ban Ki-moon welcomed "six behaviors" proposed from the forum initiative -- gratitude, dedication, cherish, tolerance, respect, sharing. The letter says, the profound doctrine of the Buddhist provided a steady stream of of inspiration and enlightenment to the United Nations. Buddha advocated that "If you want to change the world, you must change the hearts", which provides an important reference for us on how to improve the homeland and the welfare of all mankind. The world nowadays is facing lots of major global challenges, such as the diffusion of deadly weapons and the lack of tolerance and peace, which require us to change a lot of prejudices, and open mind to new philosophy and behavior. To know that human’s faults and shortsightedness, even intensified the incidence of natural disasters.
   The letter stated that our first-priority task currently is to accomplish the sustainable development. For this reason, to establish a new model is very important. There are less than two months that the international community will gather in Rio de Janeiro for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, this is the golden opportunity to help the world to achieve more impartial and sustainable-development-aimed goals. Buddhism must have a brilliant future in this respect, I wish your sounds can be heard by the world.
   The World Third Buddhist Conference was held in Hong Kong from April 26th  to 27th  in 2012, which nearly a thousand Buddhist community people, experts and scholars, and celebrities from dozens of countries and regions to attended. The theme of the forum is "the harmonious world, willing to peer", the participants had an in-depth discussion around the Buddhist propagating Buddhism modernized, the development of Buddhist education, charitable idea to practice, promote Buddhist culture and other topics.
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