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Emperor Shunzhi’s Poem In Praise of the Sangha

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Emperor Shunzhi’s Poem
In Praise of the Sangha

Shunzhi 1

Shunzhi 1

In all the monasteries under heaven, rice is served in great abundance;
With an alms bowl, one may go anywhere to eat one’s fill.


Gold and jade can hardly be considered precious,
The most difficult thing is to drape a kashaya on the shoulders.


As the sovereign, I am the Master of the great earth, mountains and rivers;
Yet, I am plagued by worries for my country and my people.


A century comprising thirty-six thousand days,
Cannot match even half a day in the carefree life of a Sangha member.


Confused on arrival and deluded upon departure,
This is just a futile trip to the human realm.


Who was I before I was born?
Who am I after I am born?


Grown up as an adult, so this is me;
With my eyes shut and dozing off to sleep, who again am I?


One might as well dispense with coming and going,
Lest there be happiness on arriving and grief on departing.


The joys and sorrows of partings and reunions are such troublesome matters;
Who knows when will one have carefree days?


If one could thoroughly understand the affairs of the Sangha,
Turning back at this point is still not too late.


Ordinary folks cannot compare with left-home people;
Without cares and worries, they are peaceful and at ease.


  Pure and simple food are what they have for meals;
Patched robes are their constant attire.


Throughout the Five Lakes and Four Seas, they are free to roam at will;
All because they have planted the seeds of Bodhi in previous lives.


Each and everyone is a true Arhat;
Wearing the three garments prescribed by the Thus Come One.


Since the golden crow and jade rabbit rush from east to west,
Being a person, one should not be scheming and calculating.


The events of a hundred years are nothing but a midnight dream;
In all its vastness, the universe is merely a game of chess.


Great Yu established the nine regions;
King Shang Tang banished the tyrant Jie.
Emperor Qin annexed the six states, only to be succeeded by the Han.


From antiquity to the present, many are the valiant heroes
Whose tombs now lie scattered across the mountains in the north and south.


Exchanging the purple kashaya for a golden robe,
Is all because of a single erroneous thought in the past.


As I was originally an itinerant monk from the West,
How did I end up being born into the imperial family?


For the past eighteen years, freedom has eluded me.
When will all the northern and southern expeditions come to an end?


I shall now wash my hands of all these and return to the West;
Whether the empire lasts for a thousand or ten thousand autumns is no concern of mine!


Note: ‘Shunzhi’ was the reign title of Emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty. He was able to give up his empire for the sake of pursuing the true principle singlemindedly and seeking the proper path of liberation. Making a wise decision, he courageously stepped through the non-dual dharma door of leaving the home-life to cultivate the Path.


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